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Welcome to the #1 hub for all things Pony Town!
This is a fan made website meant to bring all the Pony Town Custom Servers in 1 place.
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The original Pony Town game! Played by thousands. Why not join in?
true ponytown logo.png
The Pony Town Team would like to remind everyone there is risk in joining custom servers as they are no longer being supported. That being said if I find that any of the custom servers on this list use their custom servers for nefarious purposes, I will remove it.
Have an event planned in Pony Town? Want to get your species together for a ball or want to host a graduation ceremony in Pony Town? Contact the devs and schedule yourself an event in this special server that gives you full access to the map with mod controls and abilities!
Visit Ponytown For Events?
Contact Pony Town Team via
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The test server for Patreon supporters has moved off of the main game to a new URL. So if you previously had access to the test server and are unsure what happened, click this icon to get to the new URL. You will have to remake every character because data has not transferred!
I will never understand why, but there is a server officially supported for 1 person to stream on. Despite this it doesn't seem like they have streamed there in ages and probably rarely do. It still exists tho. The server is similar to an event server and so you can sometimes expect it to be decorated and customized differently. I found a Nuke there once!
bandicam 2021-03-21 12-16-59-267.jpg
Trusted Custom Servers
ashes town logo.png
A fan of Fallout Equestria? You have to check out this custom server featuring the perfect fallout theme while staying true to Pony Town! Roleplay with weapons that you can pick up and a secret vault hidden in the mines! Or grab a drink at the local pub! Or get lost in the sewers! There's a lot to explore and do!
Luminous Kingdom is a very beautiful custom server with a unique style and even more unique customization options. It was created for a custom species known as Lumens. I believe this server will soon surpass other custom servers and be one of the best.
Luminous Kingdom new logo.png
sleepy town logo.png
Is this a dream? No it's Sleepy Town a very very bizzare version of Pony Town featuring unique commands and gameplay. Ever want to drive a car or be an inch taller? You can do all that here!
Formally known as Deer Town, Mystical Meadows offers a unique emote and a massive map vastly different from Ponytown with bigger forests, and a rave area. This server has been getting frequent updates, adding new events for Easter and other holidays. There's also been changes to the map and customization over time. Mystical Meadows is on it's way to the top!
mystical meadows logo.png
This is a custom server that stopped development early and thus you can expect to see an older version of the main map and game. Nothing special here.
The rest of this list include custom servers that are either not trusted by the Ponytown team or are custom servers I myself do not know how safe they are. Please be weary going to any custom server as signing up for any, even the above ones, provide lots of information to the owners of those servers.
Custom Servers With Unknown Trustworthiness 
Rainbow Town is a custom server that doesn't really offer much of anything but if you like rainbow factory there are plenty of references to it and seems to be greatly influenced/inspired by it with rainbow splatter found on various benches throughout the map.
rainbow town logo.png
Pony Shincrafter is a French based custom server with literally nothing to offer. 
shincrafter logo.png
Champions Of Equestria (C.O.E) is a custom server that offers the ability to hug and jump. It needs more work before it can be compared to the previously mentioned servers, but it has potential.
coe town logo.gif
pony land logo.png
My Pony Land is a custom server that looks like it was abruptly abandoned mid production. I know nothing about this server other than it's Russian and has a long way to go. If you hate trees tho there's only like 5 of those on the whole map.
Dirt Town logo.png
Dirt town is a rather simple custom server with not much to offer. However it does seem that work is being put into it. There are some unique crystals and a couple statues but that's it.
bits town logo.png
There's a dessert lover in all of us. Bits Town features a dessert themed version of Pony Town with the ability to collect bits that can be used to equip unique food items!
Do Not Trust The Following Custom Servers
Dergun town logo.png
The most controversial server that should not be supported for any reason. Click  the logo for more information on why.
Formally Ponytown,ru, this server had taken the ponytown name without permission and from what I understand "done the same with other things". They faked being an official Russian Ponytown instead of a custom server.
grown town logo.png
tokyo town logo.png
Temporarily SHUT DOWN
Originally A Tokyo themed Ponytown server with only Russian servers. It was shut down due to the actions of the owner. A revival is in the works supposedly, but knowing what the owner has done, its better if it remains shut down for the sake of player safety.
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